Welcome to our homepage. Here you will find comments, opinions, products, gifts, and downloads. But we hope you will find much more. Like a new way of thinking about a subject, or tips and tricks of Internet Marketing, living, writing, and finding your way through life. These offerings are from an ethical, moral, positive perspective. It is offered as help and stimulation for your own thinking. Here the belief lives that we create our world and life experience of it through our thoughts.

"You are the thinker of the thoughts that shape your world...think wisely." - Susan Barta

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Susan's Internet Marketing Guide

Susan Barta started in internet marketing, ran in circles until she found John Thornhill's Partnership To Success program. "I highly recommend the P2S program. John is an engaging instructor, and what I didn't quite understand the support desk was able to make clear. He really does give the guidance, support and mentorship to make someone successful as an affiliate marketer and/or product creator. It is clear to me what I learned will apply to many projects going forward," says Susan Barta.

Featured Product

New e-Book(let) coming in early 2019! Dealing with Storm People, advice for understanding those who seem to have no moral compass. Understanding, forgiveness and recovery are the main topics of this manual.

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"Susan Barta's lecture at Unity on April 29 was entertaining, informative and inspirational."["Miss This Pothole on the Road of Life," April 29, 2018, Unity Truth Center, Indiana]

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