The thing about confidence is that it is the fuel that keeps us moving forward. When we are not confident, unsure of ourselves and our abilities, we slow down or even stop. We frame our next step in fear trimmed powerlessness or at least unsure and cautious awareness.

There is a phase, perhaps a title of a book, I’m not sure, that my mother use to tell me: “Fake it until you make it.” Another, “Act as if.” Or her reminder, “I didn’t pay for acting lessons for nothing, go ahead.” I have found these to be key to my appearance of bravery and confidence. These frames have let me take advantage of opportunities that I would have missed if I let fear or unsureness or shyness have its way.

This might be what is meant by ‘we have to earn our place.’ Though the gamesmanship of the right career move or grabbing the opportunity at hand seems to be how we earn, and learn, maybe the real earning is in simply keeping ourselves aligned with confidence and acting, until we really are confident and comfortable everyday.

Susan Barta
Susan Barta

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