I like to write, think and pontificate if I was truthful, and decided that since I’m not getting any younger I should try a posting my ideas to see if anyone enjoys, ponders and differs. Also I am a motivational speaker, so I thought after telling so many to follow the prompting within, that I should do the same. So here I am again, creating my blog website, trying to remember what I knew and figure out how it has changed over the two years away. It’s technology so two years is like a decade. Slowly I’m making it back, between the other day to day activities in my life. And it feels good.

Should you be reading this I hope you will return soon, to read what my latest thoughts on digipaper might be, and if I’m lucky, share a laugh or smile or your insights my musings might bring. Civil, constructive comments are welcome.

Susan Barta
Susan Barta

Always learning and experimenting, I'm mastering WordPress and how to build a viable site for blogging and commerce.

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