I’ve concluded — for today anyway — that the reason for all the trials over a life is to experience and to learn. We can recall the experiences to make our later years warm or not. Or to enliven the gathering with friends and loved ones as we swop stories before a fire or over firewater. But what of the lessons? Are we obligated to share them, teach others before they come to this place on the road? But we were once where they are now, and we didn’t listen, not usually. Or would our life wouldn’t have been so overflowing with experiences and lessons, no?

Yet, we have this overflowing mental bin of ah-ha moments, of finally figuring it out. And we want to celebrate, to make these insights mean something to someone other than ourselves, to underscore or make a purpose for it all. Otherwise, we are just flickers of light and humanity will repeat and repeat, inching towards some ultimate end known only to our Creator.

This new blog is as much about my continued learning as it is about my sharing some of what I know. And I look forward to your comments, for my experience has been that we can examine, learn, and really understand an idea better when we discuss it, than when we just turn it over in our mind. The multiple viewpoints and constructive comments help temper the idea like a blacksmith’s hammer upon hot metal.

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