PS Barta

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I have penned one novel, A Case of Intent (2009, New Century Publishing; out of print) with some local success. After watching my country slide through the looking glass, and the development of a “new normal” of accepting lies, full faced to the little white lie, including the behavior that always accompanies them, I want to help turn our country around. My novel was about lies, and how easily they occur; an interruption to a tense moment causing information truncation; withholding to protect someone, or to control a situation or a choice; hidden agendas protected by media breaking news; and the courage to handle the whole truth, acting instead of reacting by keeping the focus on the goal, what’s relevant, the mission and what is at stake.

The same, but refreshed. New title and now offered under my everyday name. The release date and where to find it will be posted soon.

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